This privacy policy informs you about our property rights and how we use and maintain the security of any information that you supply us in the course of using our website.

For the purposes of understanding and applying this policy, please note that the following terms have specific meanings:

We, us, our: means the company ‘KLD’.

Website: means the domain owned by ‘KLD’.

User: means any person or entity that accesses the website.

Personal information: means any information that a user provides to the website.

Property rights

All text and materials presented on the website remain the property of ‘KLD’. Using them illegally or without regard to copyright is considered a legal violation that is subject to legal sanction.

Personal information and its use

Our website does not seek personal information from visitors who browse it. Such information is only sought when a user requests information about the company or its training services. In this case, we ask the user to provide us with basic contact information such as their name, Email address and phone number in order to respond to their request.

When a user supplies personal information on the website in order to enquire about the company or its training services, this is considered approval for the website to retain and use it to provide the user with information about products and services.

If a user wants to update, correct or remove any personal information that they have previously given to the website, the user may notify us of this by sending an Email message to