We combine instructor-led training with self-paced
digital content in a way that enables you to

Provide support and pathways for employees with regular and constantly renewed training journeys, alongside self development activities

Extend the value and benefit of fixed training budgets

Ensure that everyone in the company receives consistent, high-quality training, regardless of their geographic location

Make training a part of the routine for all employees regardless of their career stage, and develop them with appropriately selected trainings

Developing Digital Academies

We develop a customized digital academy in line with the vision of your company, so you can benefit from our content as well as third party content from day one.

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Customized Training Journeys

We design and launch training journeys that allow you to focus on the key activities to boost your company’s competitive edge.

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Professional Certificates Programs

We qualify your team members to get the best professional certificates by enrolling them into training journeys that we launch for various certificates on a regular basis.

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We allow your team members to subscribe to an interactive training center, which regularly launch training journeys with the best experts to enhance the culture of continuous development.

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When you wish to develop content and training journeys that help you to reduce continuous spending on recurrent training activities.

When you want to develop a company-specific training program to upskill your employees so they can perform their duties more effectively.

When you need to develop a bespoke training journey that meets your business needs and objectives.

When you want to launch high-quality training journeys based on the competency framework of your company.

When your employees require urgent skill development, we provide training content that is ready for immediate launch.

When you want to launch an academy that carries the company’s brand identity, addresses its needs and enables you to monitor the development progress of team members.

Success stories

"We have established a number of academies for a number of companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, with their own identities."
"We supported the academies we established for a number of clients with content from launch date, which enabled us to provide training journeys in a way that enabled the positive impact of the initiative to be shown to everyone immediately."
"In cooperation with the Human Resources Department, we designed a continuous training plan linked to a number of incentives using our self-content and training journeys throughout the year."
"We have created content that reflects the policies of a number of regional companies in a way that enables them to deliver the necessary messages consistently to a large number of their employees in Egypt,  UAE and KSA."
"We have curated special content that addresses the security and safety requirements of a number of companies operating in the energy and transportation fields."
"We have trained more than (4,000) trainees in the maritime transport sector at the same cost that is to train (400) trainees using traditional training methods."

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